Organic Future

An organic future is where mother earth will flourish once again.

Organic Market

Organic markets are the evolution that’ll shape the health of our planet.

Organic Advantages

Organic advantages include a world free of pesticides.

Who We Are

EOFPL is a waste management company driven by innovation and technology for organic waste composting. The Company was specifically formed to address environmental concerns and design, develop, and market innovative ideas that reduce the planet’s carbon footprint. Our services deliver real benefits to the end-user and the environment.

Our waste management services manage the sustainable development of every kind of waste generated, with the highest degree of responsibility. Our excellent services have won us a wide clientele that ranges from top MNCs, tech parks, residential communities to any other mega organization that generates waste in bulk.

EOFPL is a part of LYNQ Group and is associated with KMC, Sudha & BMC. EOFPL Services include MSW, Bio-Mining, Aerobic Composting, PWM & Land Fills.

Our distribution network spans: Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand & Odisha

Our Services


Our Strengths

  • Eastern India’s Largest Solid Waste Management Company
  • Over 21 Years of Experience
  • Existing 2500+ TPD Processing Compost Facility at Dhapa
  • First Biomining Project in Kolkata with BMC
  • Integrated SWM Project at Pramodnagar with UD&MA, WB
  • Produces 100% Organic Manure
  • An integral part of India’s Swachh Bharat Mission
  • FCO Certified
  • Pan India Clientele
  • Wide Distribution Network

Our Client

Our Impact

Total Waste Processed


Total Waste Processed

Environmental Impact


Environmental Impact

Total Organic Manure Achieved

300,000 Tone

Total Organic Manure Achieved

Socio-Economic Impact

Our Gallery

Distribution Network

Eastern Organic Fertilizer (P). Ltd.

We know fertilizers play a vital role in food grain production. Today we suffer with innumerable problem of enviro- nment degradation.


  • 10, Raja Santosh Road Alipore, Kolkata - 700027
  • (33) 24565502/03
  • (+91) 9875635062
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