Research and Development

Research and Development Team: Responsible for developing new organic fertilizer formulations, testing product efficacy, and conducting research on sustainable agricultural practices.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain and Logistics Team

Supply Chain and Logistics Team: Manages the procurement of raw materials, transportation logistics, inventory management, and supply chain optimization to ensure timely delivery of organic fertilizers to customers.

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Customer Service

Customer Service and Support Team

Customer Service and Support Team: Provides assistance and support to customers, including answering inquiries, addressing concerns, and providing technical guidance on product usage and application.

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Sales and Marketing Team

Sales and Marketing Team: Handles sales, distribution, and marketing efforts for the company's organic fertilizer products. This team may be responsible for customer outreach, developing marketing strategies, and building relationships with distributors and retailers.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Compliance Team

Quality Assurance and Compliance Team: Ensures that the company's organic fertilizer products meet quality standards, regulatory requirements, and certifications for organic farming practices

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Finance and Administration Team

Finance and Administration Team: Handles financial management, budgeting, accounting, and administrative functions for the company, including payroll, billing, and financial reporting.

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