EOFPL manages multiple landfills across the city and state. Its landfill management system can effectively protect soil and underground water and as well as limiting the emission of greenhouse gases by incorporating specifically developed high-dimension landfill technology: impermeable membrane lining, leachate collection and treatment systems, and utilisation of landfill gas, and strict environmental monitoring.
EOFPL has total control of the communication and coordination of every process at the landfills, from designing at the outset through to construction and operations management so as to achieve a systematic management of landfills
The application of high-dimension landfill technology conserves land resources by effectively increasing the landfill capacity of a limited space, and significantly enhances the land utilisation as well as extending the service life of an existing landfill. Different from simple waste piling, the high-dimension landfill technology is based on the calculation of hydrogeological conditions and reservoir storage capacity of the site as well as waste stability assessments and landfill operation requirements to ensure the location is optimum for operation.
All EOFPL facilities follow strict internal and external environmental monitoring rules, from the impact assessment stage through to site rehabilitation and in the limiting of greenhouse gas emissions.

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