Organic Fertilizer

A Glimpse of Compost
Composting is nature’s way of recycling. Composting is a biological degradation process during which conversion of organic matter into simpler units of carbon and nitrogen takes place. The decomposition of organic materials is carried out primarily by bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Other microorganisms such as ants, nematodes and oligo -chaete worms are also involved in the process of degradation.
City Compost is a unique Bio Organic Soil Enricher manufactured from bio gradable organic substances, mainly of plant origin, through controlled accelerated microbial composting process. It is free from unwanted bacteria/insect eggs, weed seeds and unwanted plant pathogens.
Application of high doses of inorganic fertilizers have caused acidification of arable lands and depleted the beneficial bacteria.
The porosity of the soil has decreased, leading to decreased water retention capacity.
Root penetration into the soil is hampered
Growth of crop plants is decreased causing fewer yields per unit area I.e. Productivity lowered.
Difference between Organic and Chemical Fertilizer?
When we talk about fertilizers, we prefer “Organic”. Chemical fertilizers unbalance the nutrients. This causes the plants to be unable to fight the attacks of viruses or plagues. Large amount of chemical fertilizers are needed to cover a large area and there is no guarantee that the trees would absorb enough fertilizers to ensure its optimum growth. Furthermore a lot of fertilizers are wasted because it is unable to dissolve.
Organic fertilizer can be easily differentiated with chemical fertilizer:
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