EOFPL is into solid waste management for the complex processes like dumpsite reclamation. Using Bio mining technology, we are having a modular approach towards the effective execution of the project. Below are the key methodologies for the effective execution of the project.
  • Survey of Dumping Ground & Identify portion of dumping yard to begin
  • Land clearing for Mechanical Mobilization & Establishment of Mechanical Infra at Site
  • Excavation of Waste & Making of Plots
  • Addition of Bio-culture
  • Heap Formation
  • Ballistic Separation
  • Transportation of recycle material
  • Land Filling at low level site & Site beautification
We have till now handled almost 7,000,000 metric tonnes from multiple modular units with a capacity for execution of almost 8000 tons daily and we have cleared several grounds over a span of several years.