At EOFPL every day is a fresh look at a new tomorrow. We’re always in the process of employing new technologies and reimagining our processes to build a more sustainable tomorrow for all of us.

And at EOFPL every day is a brand new exercise of ALWAYS THINKING AHEAD

We’re facing our planet’s greatest challenges the way we always have: by applying hard work and expertise at every level. Our innovations are making our facilities and collections more efficient, making our landfills safer, and making new forms of renewable energy to ensure a cleaner, brighter future.

That’s the reason we have grown to be Eastern India’s most trusted solid waste management company with a potential of processing 36 million tons of waste in the next 20 years. And a company trusted by all the leading brands and multinationals to get their EPR Claim certificate. Our efforts to build a greener and more habitable friendly planet reflect in all the districts, localities, and municipalities that come to EOFPL for the city compost.

Today we are at the forefront of the recycling movement by introducing state-of-the-art recycling for our customers. And now we’re looking towards the future by investing in new ideas, new facilities, and new markets.

Best Regards!

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